Why Automatic Number Plate Recognition (Anpr) Carpark Access Systems Make Sense for Strata Managers and Residents Alike

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology has come a long way in the last 5 years.  ANPR   systems (also known as Licence Plate Recognition systems) are more robust and affordable than they have ever been which is why you have probably seen that most shopping centre carparks are now using them.

But what about residential complexes and apartment carparks?

Increasingly, strata managers are upgrading traditional carpark access systems to ANPR which is proving to be a win for them and the tenants in their buildings.  It provides streamlined access for those that belong and makes it harder for those that don’t.For tenants the other benefits of having access to a properly designed ANPR system include:

  • Improved building security as there is captured video footage of vehicles entering and exiting the carpark giving them greater peace of mind
  • Access to a tenant car park portal which allows for easier remote gate opening and easy DIY updating of vehicle details.  Booking guest parking is also so much simpler.
  • The need to manage (and replace!) expensive access keys is eliminated

For strata managers, the right ANPR system makes managing car parks less stressful and equips them with data that assists with planning processes, decision making and efficient car park operations, such as:

·       Understanding peak traffic times

·       Recognising where car spaces are underutilised

·       Levels of tenant, guest and other visitor traffic, such as tradespeople

·       Identify good times for carpark maintenance and upgrades, and

·       Simplify vehicle authentication, including spotting which vehicles may be overstaying their welcome.

The technology can also help with reporting by exception so the building manager is alerted to specific incidents.  And as tenants have access to a tenant car park portal, you can expect a reduced number of panicked middle-of-the-night phone calls to building security to arrange access!

The effectiveness of the ANPR system, however, is dictated by the quality of the carpark camera, the integration of software and other equipment such as boom and sliding gates, and the installation of the carpark system itself.

Here at Smart Parking Solutions, for instance, we are ANPR experts, and can provide ANPR cameras with an accuracy level of up to 99.8%, including a surprising level of capability to read dirty and damaged number plates.  What this means is less errors and less hassles for you.

When choosing a ANPR system provider, also consider your training and maintenance needs.  Does the ANPR camera and carpark access system provider offer maintenance plans to help keep your car park running efficiently?

To learn more about how Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology can revolutionise your strata carpark operations call the Smart Parking Solutions ANPR team today.


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