Automatic Number Plate recognition System

Automatic number plate recognition systems and ANPR cameras that improve traffic flow and make vehicle authentication simpler.

Let our expert team help you with an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system so clever and accurate it will speed up car park entry and exit points, make things run more efficiently and help you keep track of who’s coming and going.
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Automatic Number Plate Recognition System - ANPR with accuracy level of up to 99.8%.
less errors and less hassles for you.

Improve the efficiency of your car park and driveway with an automatic number plate recognition solution that’s proven to deliver exceptional levels of accuracy and reliability.

Here at Smart Parking Solutions we only use leading brands, such as Selea, with ANPR-Optical Character Recognition (OCR) cameras and software providing such high levels of accuracy and strength, they have been shown to even read dirty and damaged plates.

We can integrate ANPR with other car park systems and equipment, like ticketing and boom gates, for a total solution that streamlines car park operations for you. Best of all, our ANPR solutions

  • minimise read errors, and
  • vehicles you welcome can come and go with greater ease.

Say good-bye to clunky remotes, lost tickets and scrambles to the intercom to let visitors in. Our ANPR systems feature simple-to-use apps and software that make giving people automatic access to your car park and driveway a breeze.

Would you like an ANPR expert to step you through the options, including the latest in ANPR cameras?

Features Of Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems : -

At Smart Parking Solutions your APNR system and ANPR camera will be professionally installed, and we can guide you on maintenance options to help keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

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